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For years, my son had an unwavering obsession with dinosaurs..

At age three, his favourite books were dinosaur encyclopedias.

My son wanted every day to be a prehistoric adventure and he wanted everything he owned to be dino, including what he wore.  
Dinosaur clothing was in every store. It wasn't hard to find...
What was hard to find, was dinosaur apparel that I actually WANTED to purchase. Every garment I came across never really matched his spirit, or my taste in style. I decided if this obsession was here to stay, I needed to create what I wanted. 

On developing my idea, I realised it wasn't enough to just be about the aesthetic. As a passionately conscious consumer and a very environmentally aware child, this venture had to reflect our own values and ethics.

It had to be cool clothing with HEART and PURPOSE. 

So became District Dino.

Each piece has been designed by myself, with some prints credited to incredibly talented artists I have approached from around the world. The garments are created for maximum comfort, movement, and durability, for little ones. 

With every piece sold, we donate to world-changing projects, such as those that replant forests and restore our reefs. We also use sustainable packaging solutions and gift new clothes from our collections, to children who need it most. 

I have so many plans for District Dino in the near future and I cannot wait to share them with you!


District Dino 

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